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The Backyard Babies are our favorite Swedish rock-n-roll band. We were lucky enough to spend a couple days with them at the beginning of their European tour in January. We watched them perform from the best seats in the house at their shows in Turku and Helsinki while we taped the music video to their new song Abandon. The venues were small so we had to make a lot happen in small spaces. We shot the whole video on the Nikon D3s using Manfrotto Supports, Chimera lighting solutions and Cinevate DSLR and linear tracking systems. Our goal was to show the intensity of a Backyard Babies' live show by using movement and tension. This is a quick look at the production.

The Manfrotto School of Excellence is offering a free webinar with Bill on April 1st from 2pm to 3pm EST. Registration is free and the class will take you behind the scenes of our shoot with the Backyard Babies. Click here to register now!

Legion Photo is a collaborative photo agency of the top US military photographers of this generation. Last week they asked us to do a picture of them in Arlington, VA were they were assembled at the DC Shootout. We were there giving the final presentation of the weekend, showing our multimedia work to the conference. They're our friends and we were honored by the request. It was impromptu, but we were coming off a week of portrait shoots so we had the right gear along. A few minutes in a ballroom, and our friends have their first official group photograph.

Bike Week in Daytona Beach is only one of the many famous events to come to the coast of Florida but may be the most flavorful among them. You never know who or what you might see. Something interesting is always around the corner. We set out at the beginning of the week to see what we could see. We found the weather unseasonably cold, keeping many inside. Plus an interesting assignment from Sports Illustrated sent us on a 20 state road trip. We'll have more on that next week. For now, a few images from our one day at Bike Week.

A fun interview with Bill by our friends at F-stop Beyond: The experience. Original Programming for the Visual Artist.

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