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I visited an old family friend in Gainesville yesterday. Murray Lasley was my grandfather's best friend from grade school on. I lived in Gainesville for four years as a student at the University of Florida. I only went to visit Murray once when my grandfather died. Until recently, I never appreciated what he means to me, to my family. He's a priceless piece of history that is slowly fading away. Part of me, as I am finding, is without doubt linked to him. Murray has had a stroke and broken his hip since I saw him a year and a half ago, but the young man is still there. He's been legally blind now for over 20 years. Glaucoma began to slowly take his sight in his mid-20s. But his stories are vivid and his mind sharp. He's speaks slow, but with purpose. And every word is worth hanging on to. As I drove home with his stories fresh in my mind it began to rain. It was a typical summer shower in Florida. The kind of weather I remember from countless nights on the marsh, watching the heat lightning dance above the palm trees. It didn't rain long enough to wet the ground, just long enough to create a low, thick steam. I drove into Ponte Vedra Beach just after the sun went down - my favorite time of day - when the world turns a dense shade of blue. I stopped at the beach just in time to take this double exposure on my D700.

Bill and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore covering the Men's Division 1 Lacrosse Championship tournament. The weekend ended with a leading off in this week's magazine and a multimedia that was posted the morning after the championship game between Notre Dame and Duke.

Check out the story on Bill done by the British Journal of Photography. The story was done on an array of prominent international photographers in different disciplines.

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