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We are excited to announce part two of Bill's Webinar series Shooting Portraits on Location for the Manfrotto School of Xcellence. You can sign up now to hear Bill discuss his shooting style, lighting and how he captures the personalities of those he photographs. Space is limited, so register now for the Webinar on March 15 from 2 - 3 p.m. (EDT).

We are very excited to announce Bill's new interview for Nikon Professional Services. Now online, Bill talks about how he approaches each shoot and what inspires him.  Check it out today on the NPS Web site.

I am extremely fortunate and honored to be joining the team as an instructor. Scott has pulled together a great group of creative professionals, and they do amazing work -- and even better, they are a really generous and fun group of folks. Scott's blog is part of my daily reading. His new online magazine, "Light It" is another gift to the photo community. The first of the five classes I've done with will be available Monday, February 20. The course, "Environmental Sports Portraiture" will cover everything from gear to lighting set ups. The trailer for the course is available now. Check it out:

A new exhibit I Witness at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in Miami will feature images from Bill Frakes. The show opens March 10 and will run through April 4. The photography exhibit will bring together the works of twenty-five global contemporary photojournalists/artists, exploring conflict, as depicted by the artists, in terms of experiences that are personal, internal, psychosocial, military, cultural or religious.

The Apple Distinguished Educators are one of our favorite groups to work with.  Being with them is like spending time with all your favorite teachers - the ones who changed your life. Last week, Bill and I were with them in Guanajuato, Mexico, taking pictures and teaching them about what we do. A lot of our work is complicated - very technical and time consuming.  Some of it isn't. We try to use the right tool for every job.  Sometimes that's a powerful Nikon DSLR, occasionally an extremely high end video camera, and sometimes our phones. We can do a lot with one iPhone. On this trip we wanted to focus on that workflow, showing our "students" everything that is possible with the phone they already own. We took a photo walk one day through Guanajuato.  It's an incredibly photogenic town.  There were pictures around every corner.

While Bill gave instruction on light, composition and technique, I followed the group with an iPhone and a small tripod. At the end of the walk, we presented everyone with this video.  It was done entirely on my iPhone 4 - shot, edited and exported on one device. Having an entire production studio in my hand is a powerful thing.

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