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In November 1990, I flew to Oakland to meet SI writer Peter King for a trip across America with John Madden. A unique experience to say the least, and by unique I mean crazy. I climbed onto the top of a moving truck to shoot the Madden Bus rolling through the desert, changed a flat tire like a NASCAR pit crew in Western Nebraska (although in fairness, they are about 1,000 times faster, it just felt like being on a NASCAR pit crew), talked football through Ohio, and watched Madden put his head in a hippopotamus drinking fountain in a small Pennsylvania town.

Sports Illustrated published the story across a multi-page layout. Now I think, the story would be told not only in the classic great SI style, but also through video and multimedia both on and on the iPad edition of the magazine. Last Friday, I was in Oxnard at the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp again with Peter King for the start of another journey. This time I was there to do some video projects with Peter for the launch of his great new SI branded Website

Check out Bill's interview about the winning sports images for World Press Photo Contest.

Bill Frakes on the Sports winners from World Press Photo on Vimeo.

Serving on the jury of the World Press Photo is a huge educational gift. To sit in a room with some of the best minds in photojournalism and just absorb what they have to say about the images flashing across the screen -- those very photographs being forever seared into our collective memories -- is to be in the best photography classroom in the world. I've been part of the jury twice now, and it's a life and career changing experience. The World Press judging is an intense conversation which ranges far and wide. It's an incredibly thoughtful process. This year, we saw many images from Syria and Gaza. Having worked myself in some tough situations earlier in my career, I thought about the support the photographers had to receive on the ground in order to be in position to make and distribute their work. When World Press asked me to do the Personal Choice selection of the Review, I turned to Rodrigo Abd of the Associated Press for help in explaining the support he received in Syria. You can read about the selection below:

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