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Bill’s latest course, “Photographing the Making of an Athlete”, is now live on In the course, Bill heads to the legendary Kona Skatepark to photograph one of the best young skateboarder in the country, Cason Kirk. For more than five years, Bill has documented Cason’s progress in the sport. The course covers how to keep a fresh look on long-term documentary projects, using new techniques and equipment to perfect your vision. Check out the official trailer now and sign up today at

Check out Bill's latest interview featured in issue 6 of N-Photo Magazine now available. In his interview, Bill discusses his career and provides tips for macro photography.

This week, Laura and I are traveling to Germany for Nikon Deutschland's Nikon Solutions Expo. The Expo, April 27-28, brings together professional photographers, hobby photographers, and photo enthusiasts to showcase some of the latest technology and hold educational workshops and seminars.
Nearly all of my ancestors came to the USA from Germany, and it's always a treat to be back "home." My great great great great grandfather Wilhem came to the States on a boat by himself when he was five years old, with a small suitcase and a note pinned to his chest.  His parents sent him during the European potato famine as they could not take care of him.  This is a guy I would like to have met.  Talk about tough. We're honored to be a part of such an inspiring group of presenters including Joe McNally, Serge Romanov, Jens Brüggemann, Mayk Azzato, Robin Preston, Florian Schulz, Ralph Man, Sebastian Wiegärtner, and Maike Jarsetz.
We will be presenting three times a day at 10:45, 12:45 and 17:15 on D-SLR Video, Sports Photography and the Simple Love of Photography -- if I am not on the stage you'll be able to find me trying to absorb some of the wealth of information being offered.
Wir würden uns freuen Sie dort zu sehen.

We are very excited to announce Bill's new interview for Nikon Professional Services. Now online, Bill talks about how he approaches each shoot and what inspires him.  Check it out today on the NPS Web site.

Can't get enough football? The check out the Snickers advertisements Bill photographed for BBDO this fall.

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