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This is home.  This is Nebraska.  This is the American west.  The last frontier.

Last fall while working on the Nebraska Project, I spent a good chunk of time in Scotts Bluff county.

Growing up here I read about everywhere else.  I was restless and ready to go.  I needed to see what was out there.

Little did I know that after seeing so much of the world this simple view would stir so many emotions deep in my heart. 


Over the last year while sharing images from the on-going Nebraska Project, many people have expressed an interest to see the state for themselves. To experience the American West firsthand.

I am excited to announce the Nebraska Sandhills photography workshop October 7-10, 2016.  During our time together in Nebraska, there will be classes on creating video with DSLR cameras, gathering audio in the field, making powerful still images and creating compelling time-lapse sequences.

Click to learn more about how you can join this exciting trip.   


Iceland is the land of fire and ice; volcanoes and glaciers. iceland4 It is a land of extremes. Extreme weather. Extreme landscapes. Extreme beauty. iceland Last year we took a group of 12 friends to Iceland, starting and ending our trip in Reykjavik – one of the coziest capital cities in the world. iceland5 We trekked from the eastern city of Höfn, all the way down across the southern coast, inland to Geysir, then west to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Our driver, Solveig, seemed to never tire, always willing to keep going – to keep looking for photos. iceland2 Our trip brought us a lot of everything. We saw icebergs off the Vatnajökull, puffins on the coast, waterfalls coming out of canyons, black beaches. We watched the Strokkur explode at the Geysir Geothermal Park, we bathed in the blue lagoon outside of Keflavik, we ate local food and even crashed a wedding. The trip was one for the ages. And we’re going back. Iceland3 We’ve teamed back up with Solveig, our driver extraordinaire, and are trying something new. An even better itinerary than last year. This time heading north and west. This will mean fjords, glaciers, geothermal areas, whale watching and more. We leave August 12 from Reykjavik and stay until August 21. We can’t wait to start this new adventure and hope you will want to join us. If you’re interested, let us know. We’re always happy to have more of our friends share in these experiences.

I've had the honor of working closely with the New Media Consortium, an international group of visionaries who specialize in educational technology. The concept of educational technology takes many forms and is constantly fluctuating. For me, being part of the dynamic conversations that NMC facilitates is exciting and inspiring. Larry Johnson CEO of the NMC asked me to do a keynote presentation on creativity at this year’s convention and suggested I wrap my talk around some of the work I have been doing in my native Nebraska. I love Nebraska, it's a serene, rugged place full of surprises.  I'm spending a lot of time there this summer and fall producing films and photographs, seeing my family and friends, and enjoying being home. For more on the NMC Summer Conference, visit

Join us for a 10 day tour of Iceland - the land of seals and poets. This Photo Tour and Workshop will take place August 4-14, 2014. We will spend as much time outside enjoying the environment as possible.  August in Iceland will give us 23 hours of golden light every day. We will roam all over the island and spend time making photos and time-lapses of a variety of places - volcanic glaciers, black rock beaches, small fishing towns and more. The ten-day tour is $6,000 which includes meals, lodging and intern Iceland transportation.  The tour price does not include airfare to and from Reykajavik or alcoholic beverages. This is going to be serious fun and there will be daily chances to make incredible images. It's a small group, and we've just secured a few more hard to find hotel rooms so we can take four more guests. To secure your spot, please contact The deadline to join the tour is June 24, 2014.

Growing up in Nebraska, I experienced nature first-hand. Life on the plains taught me to live on the land and to appreciate its natural beauty. Nebraska's mystery and majesty have always inspired me creatively. It's remembering those roots that keeps me fresh. More than 500,000 sandhill cranes stop along the Platte River each spring as they make their way northward. Tom Lynn, Laura and I will be there to document their visit. In a recent interview with the New York Times, George Archibald, one of the founders of the International Crane Foundation discussed cranes and their elegant dance. "[The cranes] have complicated and beautiful behaviors — they dance and duet and have all kinds of vocal and visual languages in ways that seem to be human-like. They are devoted to a single mate for life and rear just one or two chicks at a time. Because of this and other factors, they are also one of the most endangered groups of birds." The plains of Nebraska are known as a vast, open space with endless skies and unbroken sight lines, the only constant noise the whistling wind but when the cranes descend on the wide flat Platte all that changes. These majestic birds create a city on the sandbars and bustling traffic in the skies. I invite you to come to come to Nebraska in mid March to experience first-hand why so many nature enthusiasts call the sandhill crane migration one of the greatest spectacles of nature in North America. I'll be leading a photo tour that will allow you to not only experience the migration but also to capture video and images of the phenomenon. The tour includes entrance to the blinds, hands-on instruction from me, Tom and Laura with the cameras and support systems. There will also be an Apple certified Final Cut Trainer providing instruction. You can learn more about the tour and secure your spot at

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