Hope from Lebanon

Education is a huge part of my life.  Both as student and teacher.

Last year, I spent close to seven weeks in Lebanon observing and working with educators. I watched the Syrian crisis from Beirut and the north.

Lebanon has a population of 3.75 million.

They are housing 1.5 million Syrian refugees, along with 500,000 Palestinians.

It's a tough situation, financially and socially.

Imagine being uprooted, forced to leave your homeland as a child, every constant you've relied on changing, and being deposited in a foreign land with no idea when you can simply go home.

That's what refugee children face.   

Their salvation is education. Finding that path when you have little control over resources is a daunting task-one that requires help from the host nation.

Tiny Lebanon has stepped up. Here is part of a conversation we had last week with Fadi Yarak at the Education World Forum in London.

He, and the people there give me hope.

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