In The Bag

In The Bag




  • Speedlight SB-900s

    Speedlight SB-900s - We always carry a few Speedlight SB-900s in our camera bags. They are perfect for portraits in the field. They are small and create high quality light for their size. They also come in handy when larger strobes fail or the power goes out, which has happened. Take our advice and never leave home without one.Joe McNally has written extensively on the use of these strobes.

  • Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800

    Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800 - A necessary addition to the SB-900s. The commander allows you to control as many speedlights as you need to for a multiple light setup. We always have one of these in our camera bags.

  • Elinchrome Ranger RX Speed AS

    Elinchrome Ranger RX Speed AS - A great strobe for in the field portraiture. They are battery powered, allowing you to make great portraits out of the studio. The packs are also heavy which doubles its purpose as a sandbag if wind is an issue.(If you prefer lighter equipment check out the Ranger Quadra AS.)

  • Ranger A Speed-Head

    Ranger A Speed-Head The Ranger A Speed-Head works with the Ranger RX Speed AS. The lights are extremely high quality.

  • Ranger RX RingFlash 1500

    Ranger RX RingFlash 1500 The Ranger RX RingFlash 1500 is also used with the Ranger RX Speed AS. The Ringflash eliminates face shadows and creates a very sharp image and edgy effect.

  • EL Octa 190 cm

    EL Octa 190 cm - One of our favorite light diffusers. It creates a wide, soft light that shapes your subject.

  • EL Strip 33x175 cm

    EL Strip 33x175 cm Another great light diffuser. The strip boxes give your subject shape and definition, allowing you to throw focus on a particular aspect of your subject, such as muscles and facial angles. We frequently use strip boxes in conjunction with an octabox.

  • EL Recta 72x175 cm

    EL Recta 72x175 cm - Another light diffuser we use frequently with the Elinchrome lighting system. This light can be used with the Ranger RX Speed AS or the Ranger Quadra AS via the Adapter Ring 26339.

  • Ranger Quadra AS

    Ranger Quadra AS - One of our favorite battery pack flashes. It is the little brother of the Ranger RX Speed AS. It is much lighter but still creates strong and beautiful light. It is not as powerful as the Ranger RX Speed AS but is very useful for non-studio portraits.

  • Reflector Adapter RQ-EL

    Reflector Adapter RQ-EL It allows you to use the Rotalux Softbox Octa 135 cm box on the Ranger Quadra AS, along with other light shaping boxes. We use this adapter frequently with the Quadra system.

  • Rotalux Softbox OCta 135 cm

    Rotalux Softbox OCta 135 cm This is our go-to softbox when we use the Ranger Quadra AS. It creates beautiful, soft light and is quick and easy to setup and break down.

  • EL-Skyport System

    EL-Skyport System - One of our favorite parts of the Elinchrome system. They work like radios, but are small and easy to use. They take up no packing space, which is important for us, and work flawlessly, also important. It is good to have a radio system you can rely on when you're traveling and working on a tight deadline.

  • Chimera Triolet Convertible Omni-directional Light

    Chimera Triolet Convertible Omni-directional Light - Our favorite video light. It is a hot-light that creates warm, beautiful light for video portraits and interviews. Chimera has always created some of the best light shapers and soft boxes and this light allows us to light video in a similar way to how we've always lit still portraits, making the transition to video lighting much more simple.

  • Single/Dual Axis Stand Adapters

    Single/Dual Axis Stand Adapters These are necessary additions to the Chimera system. They fit the lights onto stands and allow you to direct the light in ways that most adapter will not.

  • OctaPlus light bank

    OctaPlus light bank - Our go-to video light shaper. We use it with the triolets and, much like the EL Octa 190 cm we use for stills, the Octa for video also creates a soft, wide light that gives your subject shape and definition.

  • Junior PLUS light bank

    Junior PLUS light bank We use this light bank in conjunction with the OctaPlus to give the subject more definition against the background by highlighting certain aspects of the subject.

  • Chimera Laterns

    Chimera Laterns - We use these lanterns, especially the Pancake Lantern all the time for lighting video sets. It gives great omni-directional soft light.

  • Chimera LED Lightbank

    Chimera LED Lightbank - The LED Lightbank is very compact and a powerful option for when we are traveling.

  • Lastolite TriGrip Reflectors

    Lastolite TriGrip Reflectors These reflectors are a must have for any photographer. They come in several colors and pack down small for traveling. We use these frequently in place of or in conjunction with strobe systems. They are also great for video since they create constant light. We use them in combination with the Triolets as well as by themselves if there is no power available.


  • Manfrotto 504 Fluid Head HD with the 536 Legs

    Manfrotto 504 Fluid Head HD with the 536 Legs - Our favorite combination for video. When we shoot video we are always on a tripod. It is the only way to ensure high quality video capture, no matter what camera system you are using. This combination allows us fluid, stable movement under all circumstances, and also lets us use the D3s as a hybrid we never want to take away our ability to make still photos. The camera was made to do both and we want to use it that way.

  • Manfrotto 509 HD Fluid Head

    Manfrotto 509 HD Fluid Head - This is our main tripod head for shooting video.

  • Manfrotto 503 HD Fluid Head
  • GM5541 monopod

    GM5541 monopod - The best monopod on the market. It is sturdy but compact. It is also tall enough for Bill and small enough for Laura. We always have at least one of these when we travel.

  • Manfrotto 529B Hi Hat

    Manfrotto 529B Hi Hat Perfect for low angles, telephoto video. It is extremely stable, allowing us to use the large Nikkor telephoto lenses at a low angle to create separation between the subject and the background.

  • Manfotto 516 Pro Video Head

    Manfotto 516 Pro Video Head - A great head for video and still alike. We use this head with the 529B Hi Hat.

  • C1575B Avenger Super Clamp

    C1575B Avenger Super Clamp - We use the clamps when we use remote cameras, which is often. It is extremely strong but easy to secure. We use it for basketball, horse racing and other remotes.

  • 035 X Super Clamp Inox

    035 X Super Clamp Inox This super clamp is also great for remote cameras. Like the Avenger Super Clamp, it is very strong but easy to secure.

  • Manfrotto 536

    Manfrotto 536 with the Manfrotto 526 HDV fluid head - Perfect for video and stills. It is similar to the Manfrotto 504 Fluid Head with the 536 Legs, the 536 is simply an older fluid head, but it is still stable and fluid.

  • 482 Micro Ball Head

    482 Micro Ball Head - A great ball head to use in combination with the super clamps for remote cameras. This head is great for still photo capture. It is not fluid, so it's not great for video. We like this ball head because it is strong and small, which is good for packing.

  • 410 Junior Geared Head

    410 Junior Geared Head - A great head for still images. It allows you to turn the head millimeters at a time, making it perfect for stabilizing your composition of choice. We like this head for outdoor photography and we use it frequently with our strip camera which we use for horse racing and track and field and NASCAR.

  • Cinevate Atlas HD

    Cinevate Atlas HD - Cinevate makes the most high quality DSLR video non-tripod supports. The Cinevate Atlas HD is a linear tracking system that allows you to use your DSLR in a cinema-like format. It is extremely stable, allowing us to use it with an assortment of lenses from 14-24mm f/2.8 to the 600mm f/4. We love this system and use it in almost all of our video productions. For a smaller solution, we also use the Cinevate Table Dolly.

  • Pegasus DSLR Table Dolly

    Pegasus DSLR Table Dolly - The Pegasus is so efficient and convenient for us. We take it anywhere and it is perfect way for us to capture many angles.

  • Simplis + Cyclops DSLR Viewfinder
  • Atlas 200 Camera Slider

    Atlas 200 Camera Slider - This slider is easy to put together and very versatile, while being strong enough to support even our long lenses.

  • Atlas 10 DSLR Camera Slider
  • Avenger A480 Baby Steel Stacker Stands

    Avenger A480 Baby Steel Stacker Stands - Our favorite travel light stands. The are heavy, making them very stable, and they stack together, making packing quick, easy and space efficient.

  • Avenger A700 Junior Boom Stand by Manfrotto

    Avenger A700 Junior Boom Stand by Manfrotto This boom stand is small, but strong. We use it to lift strobes and video lights above a subject, giving you more use and versatility with your lights. It is especially useful when your subject is a group of people, such as a sport team.

  • Avenger 40-Inch C-Stand Kit 33 Silver Steel
  • Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm

    Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm - We have 75 of these and use them all the time when shooting sports or music videos.

  • 7' Black Mini Stacker Stands Set of 3 +015 Top
  • 8'Black Stacker Stand +015 Top
  • Black Aluminium 3-Section Stacker Stand
  • Combi-Boom Stand, 3-Section Stand with Sand Bag
  • Manfrotto Nano Clamp

    Manfrotto Nano Clamp - These are always handy to have in our gear bags.

  • Manfrotto Super Clamp

    Manfrotto Super Clamp - We have at least 100 of these and use the super clamps all the time for various projects.


  • PocketWizard MultiMAX

    PocketWizard MultiMAX The PocketWizard works perfectly when we are using remote cameras. It allows you to trigger remotes from a distance and on several channels. You can also use these to trigger multiple strobes if you are not using the EL Skyport System.

  • Red River Paper

    Red River Paper We use Red River for all of our printing needs. The paper is extremely high quality and comes in a variety of sizes and lusters.

Computers and Storage


  • Final Cut Studio

    Final Cut Studio - Our video editing software of choice. It is robust but easy to use and allows us to create a variety of different video productions.

  • Aperture

    Aperture - Our favorite system for imaging and archiving our still images. Aperture 3 also allows us to archive video and audio, as well as produce high quality video productions in a very short amount of time. Aperture 3 is the perfect tool for photographers looking to break into the multimedia world. The slideshow function of the program is easy to use and gives you access to video, stills and audio.

  • Datacolor

    Datacolor – The Datacolor software is an essential for our computers and printing operations. We use the Spyder3 Elite to calibrate our cameras to our computers and our computer to our printers. It makes our whole workflow much more seamless.

  • iLife and iWork

    iLife and iWork Essentials for any studio. We use Garage Band (part of iLife) frequently to make music for our multimedia pieces.


  • Wacom Intuos5

    Wacom Intuos5 - This pen tablet allows us to be even more productive while working on projects, especially with its customizable ExpressKeys.

  • Wacom Cintiq 24HD

    Wacom Cintiq 24HD - The 1920x1200 HD display, provides the perfect platform for working on video projects.

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